Love Nestle is a website that sells premium love doll torsos. They offer a variety of options for those looking for a more realistic experience. Love Nestle focuses on selling torsos rather than full-size sex dolls, making them a good option for those who want to enhance their sexual experience without committing to a full-size doll. The company is fairly new and offers a range of different toros to cater to different preferences. They also offer a range of sizes, from portable mini dolls to BBW torsos. Additionally, Love Nestle offers a selection of big ass sex dolls. The website also highlights their selection of ultra-soft silicone, which they claim offers a more realistic and enjoyable experience. Love Nestle offers a discount for their grand opening sale and has a VIP club that rewards customers with points for purchases and referrals. They also provide free lingerie with each order. The company is based in Hong Kong and offers free shipping worldwide. However, customers may be responsible for customs duties and taxes depending on their location. In conclusion, Love Nestle is a unique company that specializes in selling love doll torsos and offers a wide range of options for customers looking to enhance their sexual experiences.

Love Nestle

At first glance, Love Nestle may sound like a fan club for chocolate milk and human rights violations, but it’s actually something a lot less controversial. Instead of lighting up your brain with a mix of sugar and cocoa, these guys get you going with fake boobs and fuckable silicone twats. You can’t eat it, but you can stick your dick in there!

Category: Sex Doll Shops sells premium love doll torsos, pretend girlfriends without all those pesky heads and limbs. They’re a good option for those looking to up their game from the usual handheld fap sleeves, but ain’t quite ready to invite a full-sized sex doll into their home. They’re a fairly new company, so I was eager to take a look and see what all they’ve got to offer a horny pervert like myself.

Getting to Know Love Nestle

The front page of Love Nestle shows a babe groping one of their headless amputee sex dolls alongside a motto promising Better Sex and Better Health. "Your Orgasm is Our Mission", they want you to know, and it’s exactly the type of mission statement I can agree with. Hell, spreading orgasmic joy is one of the main reasons I started ThePornDude!

Most of the other premium sex doll shops specialize in full body simulations, typically with a few of these torsos on the side. LoveNestle takes an approach similar to brands like Tantaly, tightening their niche on these more streamlined units and expanding the selection. Pricewise, the two companies are comparable, with torsos ranging from a few hundo to closer to a grand—cheaper than the full-size babes, but still an investment for most masturbators.

While I think price is one of the major motivating factors for choosing a humpable torso over a full body with fuck holes, there are also practical matters to consider. LoveNestle’s products take up considerable space in your home, even if they ain't half the size of Real Dolls or any of the copycats. Most folks don’t want their love doll sitting on the couch when company comes over, unless they’ve already made peace with being forever alone.

The compact size of Love Nestle’s partial women makes them easier to shove under a bed, in a closet, or even a dresser drawer. Their Jasmine model, marketed as a "Portable Mini Sex Doll for Beginners", is just under thirteen pounds and only 33 centimeters tall. If you prefer something on the smaller end of the spectrum, check out their selections of Skinny Sex Doll Torsos and Mini ones.

On the other hand, those who appreciate a little extra cushion for the pushin’ may be more interested in their aisle of BBW torsos. As a fan of fat chicks, I’ve got to warn the chubby chasers in the audience that this is a Chinese company, and their definition of Big Beautiful Women probably ain’t the same as yours. They’re thicker, sure, but they ain’t half as chunky as the local chicks you’ve been banging on Tinder. The biggest one weighs in at around 66 pounds. I guess Big and Beautiful is relative.

They’ve also got a few Big Ass Sex Dolls. Instead of whole-ass torsos, these are mainly just the whole ass. In any case, whether you buy one of these bent-over bodies or one of the missionary-ready silicone sluts, you get a couple different holes to lube up and slip your willy inside of.

Nestling Up with Love Nestle

In case you missed the subtext in the last section, offers a nice range of sex doll torsos. You’ve got your options of different shapes, different boobs, different sizes, and different colors. It’s interesting how your brain and your boner will focus on different elements on a site like this one versus the full-body shops. When you take pretty faces out of the equation, the boobies carry more weight.

They don’t offer quite as much customization as some of the other brands, which ain’t a surprise given the simpler nature of their products. There’s no reason to choose hair and eye color when they don’t have hair or eyes. You’ll probably notice, however, that they do offer a couple softness options, Regular and Ultra-Soft, which come with different types of T&A.

One of the things Love Nestle is really loud and proud about is their Ultra-Soft silicone. If you’ve been window shopping for love dolls, you’ve probably read up a little on the merits of TPE vs silicone. TPE is typically cheaper, but less realistic and a little more difficult to care for. Silicone is more realistic and easier to take care of, but it’s not as soft as TPE.

"We developed a revolutionary and trailblazing solution, our exclusive Ultra-Soft Silicone", reads LoveNestle’s info page, "which combined all the strengths and improved all the drawbacks of TPE and silicone materials." It’s a bold claim, but an absolute game changer if they ain’t bullshitting.

I’m writing up this review shortly after the site’s official launch, and they’re still running a Grand Opening Sale with 10% off all items. That’s great, but I’m more interested in their free upgrade to the ultra-soft series. There’s no expiration date listed on this promo, but I recommend taking a peek at their Sales page linked in the header. For some reason, they’re pretty quiet about the deals out on the front page. also has a VIP Club. If you’re just buying one fuck torso, this probably won’t be of much use to you, but it’s worth taking a look at if you’re a collector. You get points for purchases, and more points for things like reviews, birthdays, shares, and referrals. Sharing a few thoughts can earn you $10 off your next sex toy, so it’s worth a look.

They also throw in some free lingerie with each order. This has become a pretty standard perk with the sex doll companies, but who doesn’t appreciate a freebie? A lot of you will dress your simulated lover up in very specific outfits you’ve been fantasizing about for years, while others will never strap on so much as a bra. That’s the magic of having your own sex doll: you can do whatever you want, and she can be whoever you desire.

Bad English, Solid Shipping

In case you can’t tell from the sometimes-hilarious broken English all over, they’re an Asian company like most of the other big love doll peddlers out there. These guys are based in Hong Kong, and depending on your location, your new silicone waifu is probably coming from overseas.

That means wait times. Order processing takes a day or two, and then shipping should take 3-5 days. It ain’t as fast as Amazon, but you’ll hopefully be banging that half babe within the week. They offer free shipping around the world, with the exceptions of Islamic countries, India, Africa, and Brazil. UPS and Fedex are their preferred logistics companies, so you won’t be dealing with some weird off-brand import/export company. Vandelay Industries, anyone?

Love Nestle doesn’t handle custom duties and taxes. Some of the full-size doll companies take care of that shit on their end, but I imagine the profit margins are different here with the smaller products. Customers in the USA don’t have to worry about import taxes and fees, but in some places, you may be on the hook for an extra hundo or so. They do offer assistance with the process, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on it.

As one of the only companies specializing in love doll torsos instead of the full shebang, you should absolutely include on your shortlist if you’re in the market for one of them. The site offers a much better selection of sex torsos than the shops with full body dolls, catering to almost every taste and sexual desire. The company’s still young and making a name for themselves, which could potentially mean some killer deals on male sex toys. Don’t forget to check out their Sales page to see what kind of promos they’re currently running.

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